Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Prayer

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No stone may turn when I walk,
No being may pain when I talk,
No man may dread of my knock,
And this I ask of You to stock.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Date with Nature

You have a heart, you have a face,

You are a girl with a grace,

You are simple, you are true,

You are catching and I love you.

. . . .

She is the Queen of the queens,

A matchless beauty the kind unseen,

Her face is pure the kind adored,

Her eyes her lips bewildering.

Extracts from `My Date With Nature'

Aim Of Life

Speech one may regret,
Silence no sorrow begets,
Humility be born before honour,
Soft answer turns wrath's corner. [2.12]

Man but be lost in wishes,
Of wealth, fame and riches,
This airy castle he stitches,
With logic that are his ditches. [2.20]

Richness and fat does need,
In logic clever fine deeds,
But paunches never do breed,
Fine thoughts or sublime seeds. [2.22]

A dog to vomit does turn,
A fool to folly returns,
The wise err but learn,
Gaining from each burn. [2.29]

Hypocrisy a homage is true,
That vice pays to virtue,
Be man himself so true,
That no false does he brew. [2.33]

Extracts from `Aim of Life'


All grief that of any Man,
Remove himself, he only can,
For this grief that be within,
Be caused by his own thinking


As the Hunter reached its side,
And looked down with full pride,
He exclaimed with joy begot,
How well his target he had got.

The shot deer in throes of death,
Moaned in his last few breaths,
`Understand nature and eternity,
Brother just once the target you be.'

A Fairy's Tale

Give to eat mare some meat,
Leaves for lion - its freak,
Water for the parrot to dwell,
Air for the fish - it is hell.

Precious are the things that be,
Prized by and of true utility,
Water for fish, parrot for air,
Meat for lion, leaves for mare.

extracts from the poem "A Fairy's Tale"

A Step Ahead Is A Leap Ahead

In every stage of life,
Every day or night,
Man is measured and scaled,
Examined every inch and blade. [1]

With every day of dawn,
Man steps on new ground,
Forward or backward drawn,
Measured on every bound. [2]

And so every minute or hour,
Man should check his power,
Moving towards his tower,
With soul and spirit humbler. [3]

Friday, November 21, 2008

On Time

Time - what does it mean to be,
Never existing but changing unceasingly,
With no movement, relaying on it steadily,
Ageless - but ageing other perpetually. [1]

Time is measured but in its flow,
Where does it come from, where it go,
From the past which lapsed but be,
Into the future which never one sees. [2]

We dream the past but never live in it,
We hope for the future but never exist in it,
We prepare for happiness which future be,
That future which never comes to be. [3]

It never decays but be the decayer,
It never is devoured, but be the devourer,
It never is ravaged, but be the ravager,
It never is wasted but be the waster. [4]

It values none - but be alls valuer,
It bows to none - but be alls bower,
It never be taught - but be alls teacher,
It never ends - but be alls ender. [5]

Of all the times – Time be the recorder,
Of all the things – Time be the robber,
Of all the sorrows – Time be the healer,
Of all the powers – Time be the taker. [6]

In the eternal flow of time,
As the enemy it out-shines,
But for two things sublime,
`Love' and `change' - devine. [7]

Time – the only constant surly be,
With Love and Change its company,
Love – the eternal time truth really be,
Change – everlasting deceiver surely. [8]

By Munnan © Munindra Misra

Email: munindramisra@gmail.com

Thursday, November 13, 2008

On The Demise Of Lady Diana

The sky and horizon did fade,
Into hues of crimson shades,
As the Lady - destiny made,
Swarmed towards her fate. [1]

The crimson turned to ember,
That night of human blunder,
And darkness did so plunder,
That new day seemed to slumber. [2]

The Lady of compassion and faith,
Sweet, adorable, humanely bathed,
The Lady whom none could hate,
Is crushed for her privacy's sake. [3]

These wee hours seem so infinite,
As darkness embraces all light,
That the whole earth encircled be,
In this gloomy, untimely tragedy. [4]

Darkness enfolds this calamity,
Shocking, with grief unceasingly,
In this dark hour her loss be,
Not for people, country but humanity. [5]

She rode the crescent of sagacity,
With warmth, concern and empathy,
Understanding with honour and pity,
Affectionate with love and mercy. [6]

Removing the thorns of humanity,
Its happiness was her sincerity,
The Lord bathed her in humility,
With kindness, love and sympathy. [7]

This Lady - more than royalty,
Was the hope of the needy,
This Lady -trust of the trustees,
Was the friend of humanity. [8]

The spark, the luster and shine,
The throbbing blood of life divine,
This Kohinoor of the whole mankind,
Is crushed in the eternity of time. [9]

31 August 1997 By Munnan © Munindra Misra

Email: munindramisra@gmail.com

Silent Death

With cries unheard,

With tearless tears,

With wrought un-thought,

The leaf swaying drops.


A thick thicker than thickest,

Where not a ray does peep,

No leaf to touch or stone,

But shed with soundless moan.


The merciless sun does beat,

The life which is so sweet,

And leaves it standing bare,

Naked – none to care.


It crumples and drops,

As sun mercilessly chops,

To mix with soil below,

Dried, crushed – No growth!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Nuclear Question

Any act against the constitution,

Must be cleared to be but void,

But atomic acts against humanity,

Are the strength to be but tried.


The future of any of the countries,

Does lie way above its people,

And the future of humanity -

On numerous BOMBS so ample.

By Munnan © Munindra Misra

Email: munindramisra@gmail.com

The Worldly Ways

The world, the din, the time, the kin,

In our days are a sin,

Love's condemned and not true,

A farce for sex, a laugh at You.


Simplicity is a crime,

Frauds and liers are divine,

Sex is worshiped, live not true,

Cheat be cheated our motos new.


Love is lost - so dear to You,

And lovers are but a few,

'Cause they know that live if hell,

As customs are but their cell.


The lies, the crime, the evil ways,

Are the paths of our days,

We love our neighbour as love's not true,

And hate the others cause they do too. 

By Munnan © Munindra Misra

Email: munindramisra@gmail.com


The soul of fire rises from its pyre,

Shades deeper does it go shyer,

Effortlessly meandering its way higher,

Into nothingness – yet from every fire.

By Munnan © Munindra Misra

Email: munindramisra@gmail.com

My Father

Saturday, October 4, 2008

India - Liberty - U.S. and U.K.

Indian Freedom – British & United States

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On India - her freedom and the contribution of the United States President Roosevelt.
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